Are there any scholarships I can apply for as an international student?

International students can apply for different scholarships which can vary from year to year.

Warning: the deadline for our university is earlier than the Campus France or Ile-de-France deadlines.

Example: Our deadline to send back your complete application for the Eiffel scholarship is November 30th of each year.

We strongly recommend that you look for other scholarships on your side (ask the French embassy in your country) because French scholarships are extremely competitive and they usually give priority to new comers, ie students who have never been to France before.

Do I need to speak French to apply for the first year of this master program (M1)?

Yes. Our courses at M1 are taught in English and in French. You have to attach a French language certificate (B2 Level or equivalent) to your application if you are not a native French speaker. Your level of English and French should be good enough so you can actually understand what is said during classes. Level B2 is adequate. Keep in mind that all courses at the second year (M2) are taught in English.

Can I apply directly for the M2 if I obtained or am I in the process of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree?

No, you can’t and even if your Bachelor’s degree is a 4 or 5 year program as it is the case in some countries. You MUST first apply for the M1. The admission committee will get back you if your application is eligible for M2 level

See pre-requisites in the application procedure for more details.

Are there any GPA/grade requirements?

There are no minimum GPA/grade requirements. Your application must be competitive enough for you to be selected for an interview through Skype. The keys to be authorized to enroll in our program are excellence, motivation and the compatibility of your professional plans.

Can I ask the administrative coordinator to check if the application I sent is complete?

No, it is YOUR responsibility to submit all the required documents.

The only documents that we accept as missing in your application are:

Your transcript from the last semester of your current studies (which you will need to send as soon as you get it)

Your last diploma (which you can send later as long as you send the proof that you validated your diploma with your transcript)

Your language level or certificate (if you attach a document that explains why. For example, you will be taking the test at a given date and will send the results as soon as you get them, or you are exempted from providing the certificate because you have been attending an English-taught program, for M1 and M2 application, or a French-taught program, for M1 application).

In any case, you MUST NOT send an email to the administrative coordinator to ask if your application is complete or not.

Am I going to receive a confirmation email after submitting my application and uploading my documents?

Yes, you will. You will also receive an email after the end of the batch during which you applied, stating whether your application is complete and can be examined or not.

Is there a minimum score which I have to obtain for my English language certificate?

No, there isn’t. Your level of English will be assessed during the Skype interview if your application is selected for an interview. The level we expect approximately is a B2 level (or equivalent).

Can I apply even if I haven’t validated my Bachelor’s degree or M1 yet?

Yes, you can. The earlier you apply, the better it is.

You can apply ahead of time and explain in your application that you will be sending the last transcripts when you get them. If your application is competitive enough, you can be interviewed and receive a positive reply. In the letter you will receive, it will be mentioned that you are authorized to enroll into our program provided that you validate your current degree at the end of the academic year. Of course, you will then need to send us the proof of validation as soon as possible.

Does the University provide housing?

Université de Paris is located in the center of Paris and does not have a campus allowing housing. So, you will have to look for yourself. You can find tips in the International section of our website.

How much money do I need to live in Paris?

Tuition is around 250 € per year for a M1 (including social security) and around 400€ for a M2 to be paid on registration in September. No additional tuition is asked for internship or thesis. Expenses for books and educational material are around 300 €. Living in Paris is expensive. For example, the cost of a room for students at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris is between 500 and 600 € per month.

Can I pursue the program in a distance learning context?

No, you can’t. This program is only open for traditional courses. Students MUST attend ALL courses.

Where are the courses going to take place?

Most classes will take place at the Campus Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Faculty of Basic and Biomedical Sciences, 45 rue des Saints Pères 75006 Paris

Is it a full time program or can I work on the side?

It is a full time program. You will not be able to work on the side unless it is a student job with a few hours a week.

If I applied for the master’s program in neuroscience a previous year, can I use the same application number?

No, you need to apply again as if it was the first time.

Is there a possibility to start the year in January?

No, the academic year starts in September only.

What language should I write my CV and letter of personal statement in?

In English only.

Can I apply for the master through the « formation continue » or does this program only apply to the « formation initiale »?

You can apply for this master both under the “formation initiale” or the “formation continue”.

The formation initiale will apply for most students.

If you have no idea what these expressions mean, do not worry about it. Briefly, it is for people who have been working in France and who would like to improve their skills by going back to school. Their employers usually finance their studies.

Can letters of recommendation be written in French?

Yes, they can. We accept letters of recommendation in French and English only.

What language should be my other documents in?

We only accept the following documents in English or French. If your documents are in a different language, you must have them translated in order for your application to be examined:

  • Transcripts
  • Diplomas
  • English/French language certificate (for non English/French native speakers)
Can I start the year later in case I don’t obtain my visa on time?

No. You must be present from the very beginning of the year. The kick-off meeting/integrative week is mandatory and takes place on the first week of September.